We Offer Customized Plans for Schools and Districts That Will improve Scores and Energize Teachers and Students.

essaypop can help you create a tailor-made, whole-school, or whole-district approach to writing instruction that will get all of your stakeholders on the same page immediately. essaypop is the perfect solution for traditional, hybrid, and distance learning and is being used by teachers, schools, and districts across the nation.

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A Proven, Research-Based Writing Method - essaypop’s proprietary frame writing method allows students to approach academic writing one critical element at a time. This step-by-step approach makes essay-writing comprehensible for students and easier to teach for teachers. It's essentially the cure for writer's block. Allow us to help you build and integrate customized writing templates, rubrics, and terminology so that teachers and students are speaking the same language across grade levels and subject areas.

A Social Learning System That Engages Students - The platform's interactive Hive environment allows teachers and students to collaborate and interact as they write, creating a social component that engages students in a way that is fun yet substantive. Let us help you set up a student-to-student mentoring program that connects kids across grade levels and schools.

Unlimited Lesson Resources - A comprehensive lesson library provides teachers with every manner of writing lesson whether it be expository, persuasive, narrative, or literary analysis. Because our library is on the cloud, teachers can access all our lessons 24/7. And we never charge additional “session fees” no matter how many lessons a teacher, school, or district downloads at any time.

Scalable Real-time Grading and Data Collection Technology - The essaypop assessment tool cuts teacher grading time in half, giving them more time to teach, while the assessment tracking provides the teacher, the school, and the district with actionable data for lesson modifications and concepts for professional development. All data is compiled in real-time and able to be input into various types of useful reports for assessing instruction.

Training and Professional Development - Our expert staff will conduct engaging training sessions that give teachers the tools they need to provide the best instruction available.

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