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essaypop is an interactive, cloud-based writing platform that allows students to compose great essays. Perfect for distance learning.

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Writing Frames

Students write their essays using our exclusive frame-writing system which breaks the big, scary essay into easily-digestible chunks.

The Writing Frames

Guided Help

Instantly accessible explanations and models are like having a tutor available 24/7.

Guided Help

Sentence Starters

Students choose from thousands of academic phrases to begin their writing.

Sentence Starters Sentence Starters Desktop

Instant Export

Writing frames are converted into a perfectly formatted MLA document.


Select a Lesson

Select from hundreds of premade essay lessons or use your own.

Moon Tiger Prompt

Assign Instantly

Students receive assignments at the push of a button.

Moon Tiger Prompt

Join the Hive

The hive is a social and collaborative environment where students, teachers and guests gather to write, share and receive feedback.

The Hive


Getting feedback from multiple sources is great for students, takes the pressure off the teacher and makes writing a team sport.


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